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CJ Maxx Group was formed to educate people about everything pertaining to life. Many of our clients just wanted to qualify to buy a house now some of those same clients are facing foreclosure. We at CJ Maxx Group have dedicate our education process for the last 4 years to help home owners learn the law and defend against foreclosure. Now CJ Maxx Group works with Law Firms, Modification Groups, and groups like the NAACP to not just educate customers but law makers in many states on how loan audits can prove misconduct by the lenders, underwriters, and investors in the loan process. The UCC, USC, and IRS codes prove the banks did not have the home owners best interest in mind.

Our Commitment

My goal is to restore lives with education.... 

     - Jack Jackson

Doing something is better then doing nothing when it comes to saving your home.

Advantages of Negotiation

We at CJ Maxx Group believe that getting leverage is the best way to negotiate.

  • Loan Reinstatement
  • Lowered Interest Rates
  • Reduction in Principal Balance
  • Loan Term and Payment Extensions
  • Halting Foreclosure Activity
  • Elimination of Adjustable Rates

CJ Maxx Group Believes a loan audit is the best negotiating tool to getting better terms from your bank.

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The law was created to protect you not to harm you....
If you are facing foreclosure never walk away without a fight.  Contact us today to know your options.
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